Management Philosophy Structure

Hyundai Motor Group has established a new corporate philosophy structure with management philosophy, vision, core values based on the philosophy and spirit that lived on our company since its founding and is working to continue its effort in the future.

Management Philosophy

HYUNDAI MOTOR GROUP creates innovative future from actualization of innovative ideas and consistent overcoming of challenges.

Corporate Responsibility Philosophy

The company's quality management is materialized based on its philosophy in customer safety and satisfaction liability, which also extends to value created for the society.

Actualization of Potentials

We always move forward to the next goal after each success, and create a better future with a challenging spirit.

Social Responsibility Materialization

We offer value, better products and better services for the customers, and make lives of our clients more abundant.

Core Values

By putting our core values into action, Hyundai Motor Group will lead the way to a better future.


The Company provides the best quality and excellent services, driven by customer centric corporate culture.


The Company refuse to be complacent, and shall embrace opportunity to face challenge. We are confident in achieving our goals with unwavering passion and innovative thinking.


The Company create synergies through a sense of "Communion" that is fostered by mutual communication and cooperation with intra-company businesses and also with our business partners.


We believe the future of our organization lies in the minds and competencies of individual employees. The company seeks to support individual competency development and to create a corporate culture that respects each employees.


With respect to the diversity of cultures and customs, GLOVIS aspires to be the global top tier in all our business fields, and strive to become a respected global corporate citizen.

Whistleblower System

Glovis’s Compliance Reporting System “Integrity Line” offers to report anonymous potential or actual illegal, unethical or illegitimate practice, behavior or any form of misconduct of a person acting for, on behalf or within Glovis. However this does not affect the statutory right to contact designated authorities and you can also contact the Legal Department via e-mail or mail. The Compliance Reporting System is confidential and technically secured.
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